Air2Fibre Pricing NEW

All below priced on 10:1 contention
A2f Type
Public IPs Duplex Minimum Installation Speeds Monthly Cost
(ex. VAT)
NA Async Standard 1Mbps R 399
2Mbps R 599
5Mbps R 899
10Mbps R1 699
5 Sync Air2Fibre Express 1Mbps R 1 600
2Mbps R 3 050
5 Sync Air2Fibre Light 5Mbps R 5 100
10Mbps R 8 200
15Mbps R 11 250
5 Sync Air2Fibre Pro 30Mbps R 16 875
50Mbps R 24 075
100Mbps R 37 575

* Subject to a minimum 12-month contract.


  • Prices are subject to a minimum contract term of 12 months.
  • Static Public IP addresses are available on full duplex solutions.

Product Specification

Please note
Availability must be determined by a site survey. This service is only available in areas where we have Fiber Nodes to connect to. While many of our existing towers have the Fiber capabilities, not all of them do at present. Our Air2Fiber core starts at our local data centers, and extends to Nodes situated around the country.

A2F.Brickfield – Asynchronous fibre solution.
The Brickfield packages are asynchronous solutions available as hi speed ADSL Alternatives. These packages are contended 10:1 and are available in speeds ranging from 1Mb to 20Mb download. Upload speeds are only 10% of the download speed.

A2F.XPS – Air2Fiber Express. Available on the existing network.
Our Air2Fiber is a Synchronous service. For this reason a different path is defined inside our network, to facilitate this. the A2F.XPS can be run on Point to Multi Point, but only if there is capacity. If our Multi Point facility is overloaded it will not carry the data. The A2F.XPS is only valid for up to 2Mb links.

A2F.LTE – Air2Fiber Lite. Requires a Point to Point with Air2Fiber Backbones
A2F.LTE can be deployed to towers with existing capacity or Air2Fiber backbones. The Backhaul must have sufficient capacity. The backhaul on these is generally Wifi or compatible. Care will be taken to achieve speeds of up to 10 Mbps on A2F.LTE links. Client sites and relays must be done on Point to Point only.

A2F.PRO – Air2Fiber Pro.
Direct to Fiber Core or Microwave circuit.A2F.PRO is a dedicated circuit. i.e. between the client and the fiber. PRO is avasilable wherever we have a fibre POP or a dedicated Air2Fiber Backhaul. These Air2Fiber Nodes will be expanded from our central core and currently we have multiple pops for Fiber and new ones being added.

Fair Usage Policy

Speed Max Capable traffic (GB) Max Download (GB) – Soft Cap Rate Limit
1Mbps 300 150 512Kbps
1M Brickfield 300 50 512Kbps
2Mbps 600 300 512Kbps
2M Brickfield 600 75 1Mbps
5Mbps 1500 750 2.5Mbps
5M Brickfield 1500 150 2Mbps
10Mbps 3000 1500 5Mbps
10M Brickfield 3000 250 5Mbps
15Mbps 4500 2250 7.5Mbps
20M Brickfield 5000 400 10Mbps
30Mbps 9000 600 15Mbps
50Mbps 15000 7500 25Mbps
50M Brickfield 15000 750 20Mbps
100Mbps 30000 1TB 50Mbps

Upon reaching your Soft Cap limit for the month, your line speed will be halved for the remainder of the month. No further restrictions or limitations will be placed on your line while it is rate limited and your connection will remain uncapped and unshaped for this period.

At the beginning of a new month of service, your line speed will revert to its base profile.