How Does it Work?

The core of the Vlocity network is Fiber Optic. Using a combination of Telkom, Neotel and Dark Fiber Africa.
This core then extends internationally via Seacom and SAT3 connections.

Vlocity is adding more nodes throughout the country extending to our existing wireless towers, effectively we bring the fiber to you and carry the last mile only on wireless.

An Air2Fiber connection typically involves the last mile only, which is done using High End Wireless equipment, limiting the failure points, limiting latency, and delivering Fiber Optic Speeds to your front door.
The last mile is capable of more than 100 Mbps Full duplex.

The result – Air2Fiber

Air2Fibre Explained

There are a few applications.

Delivery of fibre solutions can take time. Wayleaves need to be applied for, sub-contractors come in and tear up the pavement etc. In our model we supply the wireless solution immediately while at the same time apply for the fibre node.

If your node is in a viable area for further distribution, we can contribute to the cost of having that fibre by selling components of it to neighbours and nearby parties. This has no effect on your own security and we guarantee no compromise to your data speed, security or integrity.

All fibre nodes are done in this manner, just you are not always aware of the participation and don’t share in the rewards.

Installing Air2Fibre

We don’t have a standard price for Air2Fibre installations. Solutions are dependent on availability and access to the Fibre backbone.

The installation cost is dependent on the distance from the Data centre, the number of participants on the connection as well as other factors that may affect direct line of site.

There are 3 Products in the Air2Fibre Range:

Lower speeds and available in a wider area. Most of our existing towers can support Air2Fiber Express. Contention is shared on the bandwidth available on the Point to Multi Point sectors.

Available on the existing network.
Our Air2Fiber is a Synchronous service. For this reason a different path is defined inside our network, to facilitate this. the A2F.XPS can be run on Point to Multi Point, but only if there is capacity. If our Multi Point facility is overloaded it will not carry the data. The A2F.XPS is only valid for up to 2Mb links.
This is also available in existing towers, but only available on towers with existing point to point capability. If a tower has space and frequency available to install standard wireless equipment within a short distance, the Lite model is available.

Requires a Point to Point with Air2Fibre Backbones.
A2F.LTE can be deployed to towers with existing capacity or Air2Fiber backbones. The Backhaul must have sufficient capacity. The backhaul on these is generally Wifi or compatible. Care will be taken to achieve speeds of up to 10 Mbps on A2F.LTE links. Client sites and relays must be done on Point to Point only.
This is a high end solution. Dedicated equipment must be provided Point to Point, and the backbones must have the aggregated capacity to deliver the required service on its Backbone. The Tower in question must be directly attached to the Fiber distribution or via an existing Air2Fiber leg that has available capacity.

AA2F.PRO is a dedicated circuit. i.e. between the client and the fiber.
PRO is available wherever we have a fibre POP or a dedicated Air2Fiber Backhaul. These Air2Fiber Nodes will be expanded from our central core and currently we have multiple pops for Fiber and new ones being added.